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1. What is the definition of a microenterprise business?
2. For microenterprises, what is the date of the “count” of number of employees?
3. What is LMI and what are the requirements for this grant?
4. How do I find out what the AMI is for where I live?
5. If there are multiple owners, do all need to meet LMI requirements in order to be eligible or does just one need to be eligible?
6. How long does a business have to be open to qualify for this grant?
7. How much money can one business apply for?
8. What documents will I need to submit with the application?
9. How is “currently in operation” defined?
10. Can businesses buy equipment with grant funding?
11. Are home-based businesses eligible?
12. Can the funds be used to assist a business owner with making payments on a loan that they received prior to the start of the pandemic, even if it’s for an equipment purchase?
13. How do I apply? What are the next steps?