Affordable Housing Trust Study Committee

  1. Fair & Affordable Housing in Lexington

Capital Expenditures Committee

  1. Annual Town Reports

  2. Budget

  3. Finance Department

Cary Lecture Committee

  1. Cary Lecture Series Website

Communications Advisory Committee

  1. CAC Procedures for Cable Complaints

  2. Older Documents

Comprehensive Plan Advisory Committee

  1. Official Website

Conservation Commission

  1. Conservation Land

  2. Filing Procedures

Council on Aging

  1. Human Services

  2. Senior Services

Demolition Delay

  1. Demolition Delay Bylaw

Economic Development - Permits

  1. Outdoor Dining Permits 2022

Economic Development - Social Media

  1. Twitter

Grain Mill Alley Steering Committee (Ad Hoc)

  1. Economic Development

Hanscom Area Towns Committee

  1. Hanscom Airfield Website

  2. HATS Website

Housing Partnership Board

  1. Housing Glossary (PDF)

  2. Planning Department

Invasive Species

  1. Invasive Spotted Lanternfly

Inventory of Historic Areas & Structures

  1. Interactive Map of Properties

Lexington Center Committee

  1. Center Streetscape Project

  2. Parking in Lexington

Lexington Scholarship & Educational Fund Committee

  1. Lexington Educational Foundation

  2. Lexington Scholarship Committee

Monuments & Memorials Committee

  1. Report a Discovered Monument or Memorial

Neighborhood Conservation District Study Committee

  1. Bylaw & Boundary Map

  2. Turning Mill NCD Study Committee

Neighborhood Conservation Districts

  1. NCD Bylaw

Parks, Playgrounds & Fields

  1. Recreation Facilities and ADA Compliance Study

Pierce-Lockwood Neighborhood Conservation District Commission

  1. By-Law and Boundary Map

  2. About NCDs

School Committee

  1. School Committee Website

Select Board - Licenses & Permits - Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

  1. Select Board

  2. Massachusetts Alcoholic Beverages Control Commission (ABCC)

Transportation Advisory Committee

  1. Lexpress

Tree Committee

  1. Tree Bylaw

Turning Mill Neighborhood Conservation District Commission

  1. Bylaw & Boundary Map

  2. About NCDs