Is this going to cost me anything?

The Town of Lexington is making every effort to complete this project at no cost to you. The removal and replacement of your lead service lines will be completely free, as well as reasonable costs to restore your property to pre-construction conditions. However, certain unreasonable restoration efforts may require a contribution from the homeowner. 

  • Some examples of reasonable restoration costs that will be completed at no cost to you include: 
    1. loam & hydroseed, 
    2. inground sprinkler repair.
    3. and asphalt driveway repair. 
  • Some examples of unreasonable restoration costs that may require a contribution from the homeowner include:
    1. Complete driveway and walkway replacement
    2. Turf & Sod
    3. Heated and/or stonework driveways and walkways.
    4. Retaining walls
    5. Shrubbery that cannot be transplanted.
    6. and fences that cannot be disassembled and reassembled.

The Town must balance its efforts to replace lead services without spending taxpayer money on private landscaping. 

Properties will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis to determine reasonable and unreasonable restoration costs. During the pre-construction survey, the Contractor and Environmental Partners will quantify the area of impact and discuss options with you and the Town. A water service may be able to be relocated to avoid significant restoration costs. 

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5. Is this going to cost me anything?
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