How would Lexington’s Stormwater Management Program benefit me?

As the Town prepares for the impacts of climate change and increasing State and Federal requirements to mitigate stormwater pollution, this program plays an important role in protecting:

  • public health
  • the environment
  • private property
  • the local economy

Green infrastructure and nature-based solutions being used in Lexington have many co-benefits beyond water quality and flood control, such as:

  • reduction in urban heat island effect
  • improved air quality
  • enhanced biodiversity
  • increased recreational access
  • improved aesthetics.

The stormwater management program strategically combines Clean Water Act goals for water quality with the Town’s work to operate the drainage system to reduce flooding and promote stream health. 

Visit the Town’s Stormwater Management page to learn more about the program and how you can do your part to reduce stormwater pollution.

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6. How would Lexington’s Stormwater Management Program benefit me?
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