What is the large metal tower at the rear of the building?

It is a communication antenna (tower). The tower is not part of the proposed Police Station project's budget or construction costs. The Historic Districts Commission is working with the project team to determine the right location and appropriateness of the tower.

The tower is an entirely separate project and has been in discussion since 2017. At that time the former Fire Chief (Wilson) and the former Director of Public Facilities (Goddard) brought the fire department's ladder truck behind the police station and extended the ladder as far as it could go with a balloon tied to the end to represent the proposed height of a 120 foot tower. This was a public event with many in attendance. The proposed antenna will be 5 feet in diameter and 120 feet tall and is proposed to be located in the parking area behind the Police Station, the final location is still to be determined.

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1. Why do the police need a building of this size?
2. What is the cause of higher than expected costs?
3. Can you please detail the cost increase to taxpayers with median home value as well as $500K, $2M and $3M increments? Could you also please provide the revised timeline of estimated tax increases?
4. Why can’t you build the building with cheaper materials?
5. Are there spaces in the building that support community needs?
6. What is the de-escalation training room?
7. What is the height of the current Police Station and what is the height of the proposed Police Station?
8. How many floors will the proposed Police Station have?
9. Why does the project include indoor parking?
10. How many cars can be stored inside?
11. Is there infrastructure included for electric vehicle charging stations?
12. Does the project include an indoor firing range?
13. Is the building an all-electric design?
14. Is solar part of the building design?
15. Are there any restrooms that the public will be allowed to use?
16. Does the design include all-gender bathrooms?
17. How many officers is the building designed for?
18. What’s going to happen with the Hosmer House?
19. What is the large metal tower at the rear of the building?
20. What is the purpose of the communication antenna (tower)?
21. Does the communication antenna (tower) have to be located next to the Police Station?
22. While the requirements of the new station follow best practices for police station requirements, it has been asked about other new stations in the Massachusetts area. Their costs? Their size?