What are my responsibilities?
  • Parade Ambassadors assemble on Monday, April 18 at the East Lexington Fire Station, 1006 Massachusetts Avenue, corner of Locust Street, at 1 pm. Members of the Celebrations Committee will greet you, match you up with your team, hand out your banner, and escort you to your place in the parade lineup.
  • You are expected to complete the entire 2.5-mile parade route, which takes approximately 1 to 2 hours from start to finish, depending on your placement in the lineup.
  • While marching, stay close to your marching unit - within two car lengths.
  • At the end of the parade, head for the Town Pool parking lot. Committee members will check you out, retrieve your banner, and present your community service certificate (if applicable).
  • If you experience any problems while marching, look for a Committee member on a golf cart who will be patrolling on a regular basis.

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2. What are my responsibilities?
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