What are the benefits of replacing water meters?

Automatic Meter Reading (AMR) systems allow a community to automatically retrieve meter readings without having to enter the customer's home or facility or access their property.

The two general categories of AMR systems widely used today are mobile and fixed-network. The term Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is used to describe fixed-network AMR systems enabled with functionalities beyond meter reading for billing, such as the acquisition of interval reads and event flags, such as leak and tamper identification.

We will be installing an AMI system, which provides the following benefits:

  • Improved meter reading efficiency, timely data collection for analysis, and improved read data consistency
  • Reducing the number of estimated bills.
  • Reducing administrative time and errors in entering meter read data.
  • Water conservation: the AMI system will detect potential leaks, allowing for the leak to be repaired faster and will save water
  • Meter readers do not have to enter the property to obtain meter readings.
  • More efficient meter reading, troubleshooting operations, and customer notifications.
  • Reduce customer inquiry call duration by providing better analytical tools and granular usage history. Information lets customer service representatives be better informed and helps customers understand their usage better.
  • Allow for a transition to quarterly or monthly billing. More frequent meter readings and bills will allow customers to better budget themselves and monitor their water use.
  • Significantly reduce abatements through efficient customer-side leak detection and proactive customer notification. Fixed networks allow for leaks to be flagged in days/weeks, instead of months, potentially preventing additional property damage and municipal water loss.

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