What can I expect?

Residents will begin receiving postcards in the mail, marked with the Town of Lexington's seal, requesting that they schedule an appointment. The scheduling process is made easy through both phone and online options. The actual process of replacing or retrofitting the meter will take approximately 45 minutes.

The installation work will be performed by a private contractor, Thielsch Engineering, whose installers are well trained in the replacement of water meters.

The installer will need to enter some residents' homes. It all depends on the age of the existing meter and the location of the existing endpoint/reading device. If the meter is 10 years or older, the technician will need to enter the house for a full meter replacement. If the meter was installed 9 years ago or sooner then the installer will need to enter the building if the endpoint/reading device is located inside the building.

Learn more about COVID-19 protocols for meter installation. (PDF)

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1. What can I expect?
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