How is racial profiling defined in Lexington?

As an accredited police department, we have adopted best practice policies including an entire policy 41 H - Bias-Free Policing (PDF).

It is the policy of the Lexington Police Department that: "Except in "suspect specific incidents," police officers shall not consider the race, gender, national or ethnic origin of members of the public in deciding to detain a person or stop a motor vehicle and in deciding upon the scope or substance of any law enforcement action."

Throughout our policy manual, we promote the fair and equitable treatment of all (also called procedural justice). These policies are all online, and we invite comments and suggestions.

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1. How is racial profiling defined in Lexington?
2. What Methodologies Do Lexington Police Use – in Training and in Practice – to Recognize and Avoid Racial Profiling?
3. How are suspected incidents of police intimidation handled?
4. Is there anything town leaders can do to make it safe and comfortable for the groups to come forward with concerns or complaints about being profiled, without fear of negative repercussions?
5. When residents report that they do not feel they are treated equally - how do staff respond?