How are calls for domestic disputes or drug/alcohol use/overdose handled?

The Family Services Detective notifies the Domestic Violence Service Network which provides advocacy, counseling, and training to families/individuals with domestic issues. Officers are also trained to assess 'high risk' domestic service calls to provide immediate emergency services to a victim.

Domestic disputes are one of the more dangerous calls that police departments respond to. Police officers are specifically trained to deal with the potential violent situation brought on by the emotional aspects of domestic disputes, and we are often called upon to stabilize and de-escalate a situation before EMS personnel or a social worker approaches the scene.

The Police Department logs between 13,000 to 15,000 calls or services each year. In 2019, we had 135 domestic-related calls and 21 alcohol / drug related. In total, these calls are a very small percentage (1%) of "police calls" in Lexington.

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