How is advancement handled within the Department?

We have a competitive promotion system that requires officers to read policies and procedures, Massachusetts laws, and management materials. Sergeants and Lieutenants take a 100-question multiple-choice test, followed by a one-day assessment center. The assessment center tests their working knowledge with exercises such as short-answer quizzes, role-playing and scenario-based problem-solving.

The Captains and Chief are tested with an assessment center only. All candidates must then speak before interview panels organized by the Town. Each candidate's performance evaluations are critical to assessing their readiness for a merit-based promotion.

Detectives are appointed by the Chief of Police.

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1. How is advancement handled within the Department?
2. What types of exams do officers need to pass as part of the hiring process?
3. Do officers have the opportunity to advance within the Department?
4. What is the procedure for investigating candidates' background and any prior complaints against them before hiring?
5. What steps are we taking to recruit persons of color to the Lexington Police Department?
6. What is the status of Lexington's current police promotion lists?