Committee Formation

The Board of Selectmen, in consultation with the School Committee and Planning Board, created an Initiating Committee in 1998 to begin a comprehensive community-wide long-range planning effort.

Primary Objective

Develop the foundation for a community-based strategic goal-setting process.


  • Organize into two subcommittees to accomplish the work:
    • Citizen Participation Subcommittee
    • Process Design Committee.
  • Use a letter and survey, newspaper advertisements, and direct solicitation of volunteers to invite participation from a broad group of residents who adequately reflect the community's interests and perspectives:
    • Letter to community
    • Letter to Lexington High School students
    • Letter to organizations
  • Develop a process design flow chart detailing the project phases over the next 12 to 18 months.


  • Past efforts have laid the groundwork for a Strategic Goal-Setting Process:
    • Focus groups
    • Community conversations
    • Resident survey
  • Lexington's process will be tailored to our community but be informed by lessons learned from strategic planning other communities.
  • A comprehensive long-range planning effort will require involvement of all segments of the community, specifically including individuals not currently active in Town governance.
  • There is sufficient community interest to move forward.


  • Hire a consultant to provide expert insights and guidance to the process.
  • Obtain assignment of a Town staff member to serve as Project Manager.
  • Create issue-based Working Groups to discuss specific topics and prepare "green papers" for use in the final visioning document.
  • Create a Stakeholder Group to provide feedback to the Working Groups and formulate them into a final vision report.

Final Report, March 24, 1999 (PDF)