Planning Board's Zoning Regulations - Amendments 
The Planning Board opened the public hearing on  July 19 a to consider various amendments to Chapter 176 of the Code of Lexington, Planning Board Zoning Regulations.  The purpose of the amendments is to amend the Board’s Regulations to reflect recent zoning amendments adopted at 2023 Annual Town Meeting and amendments associated with an amended district plan for Transportation Management Overlay (TMO-1) for Hartwell Avenue.  

The following sections are being considered for amendments: Section 3.0 General Regulations, Section 4.0 Fee Schedule, Section 5.0 Submission Material, Section 6.0 Special Permits, Section 9.0 Site Plan Review, Section 10.0 Transportation Management Overlay District Plans, Section 12.0 Site Plan Review and Special Permit Design Regulations; and Section 13.0 Open Space Residential Developments, and new Section 14.0 Inclusionary Dwelling Units. 

Public Hearing notice for July 19.  Public hearing was continued to August 9, August 30, September 13 and further continued to Wednesday, September 27, 2023 at 6:00 pm on Zoom.  

Link to the virtual meeting:

The final meeting agenda and packet will be available a few days prior to the meeting here or you may sign up to receive an email notification here. The most up to date drafts are available below: 

Revised Regulations adopted on August 9 & September 13, 2023 can be found below: 
Regulations Section 3, 4, 5, 6
Regulations Section 9 Site Plan Review
Regulations Section 12 Design Regulations
Section 10 - TMO-1 Hartwell Area TMOD Draft Regulations and Draft TMO-1 Hartwell Area Transportation Overlay District Plan - amendments adopted on September 13, 2023
Section 13 - Open Space & Special Residential Developments
Section 14 - Inclusionary Dwelling Units

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