Volunteer Opportunities in the Town

Participate in Your Local Democracy

Citizen participation in local government is a strong tradition in Lexington. The issues and challenges faced by our local government, and their impact on people's lives in the community, are important and complex.

There are numerous opportunities to participate in Town affairs, to help shape policy, to work with interesting people, and to assist in the growth and prosperity of the Town. We hope you will share your skills and knowledge with us by volunteering for the Town.

Join an Appointed Board or Committee.

Run for Town Meeting or an Elected Board

Find out more about running for these positions.

Volunteer for a Town Department

  • Recreation and Community Programs - For more information, contact the Recreation and Community Programs Department at 781-698-4800.
  • Human Services - Senior Service Program: Seniors volunteer to work for town and school departments in exchange for property tax abatements. Contact the Senior Center at 781-861-0194 for more information
  • Conservation Stewards - help us care for the Town's conservation land
  • Check other department web pages for volunteer opportunities

Earn School Community Service Hours

Each student at Lexington High School is required to complete a minimum of 40 hours of community service during their high school career. Find out more about this requirement.

  • Cary Memorial Library often has openings for student volunteers who are at least 15.