Outstanding Youth Award Nomination Form

Outstanding Youth Award Nomination

  1. The Outstanding Youth Award is designed to applaud a graduating senior who resides in Lexington for his or her work in and around town.

    The Outstanding Youth Award nomination is geared toward a graduating senior who has committed him or herself to community service both in Lexington and our surrounding communities. The award looks to also highlight both good academic standing as well as leadership abilities. The Outstanding Youth Award in Lexington showcases our youth and their excellence.

  2. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest):
  3. How likely is the nominee ready to commit to helping in our community as well as others?
  4. How strongly do you feel about your nominee being selected for Outstanding Youth?*
  5. Does your nominee consistently work hard both in and out of school (academically and otherwise)?*
  6. Does your nominee display strong leadership skills?*
  7. Do you see your nominee as a positive member of the Lexington community?*
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