Lexington Next - Comprehensive Plan

Planning Board Review

On September 28, 2022, the Planning Board adopted the Lexington NEXT Comprehensive Plan.  The final PowerPoint Presentation and may watch the meeting video here on LexMedia

Volume I: "The Plan" Lexington NEXT (download PDF)
Cover Page and Acknowledgements
Executive Summary
Plan Foundation
Goal 1: Diversity & Inclusion
Goal 2: Housing
Goal 3: Economic Vitality
Goal 4: Sustainability & Resiliency
Goal 5: Open Space & Natural Resources
Goal 6: Historic Resources
Goal 7: Transportation & Circulation
Goal 8: Recreation & Community Gathering
Goal 9: Public Facilities & Services
Goal 10: Land Use
Appendix A: Accomplishments Since Last Plan
Appendix B: Other Reports
Appendix C: Maps

Volume II: Inventory of Existing Conditions 

Volume III: Documentation of Public Input

-------------------------------------------------------BELOW ARE THE OLD DRAFTS -----------------------

August 2022 Update:  Staff is incorporating changes requested through the summer on the below drafts.  A final Draft of the Comprehensive Plan will be presented to the Planning Board and the public in the fall. The meeting date to review a final updated Draft Comprehensive Plan is Wednesday, September 28, 2022.

The Draft of the Comprehensive Plan was reviewed by the Planning Board and community over a series of meetings throughout the summer between May and August 17, 2022.   Public comments were taken at each Planning Board meeting. Written comments were accepted throughout the process and were due at the time the Plan element was being discussed at the Board's meeting.  The Planning Board heard, reviewed, discussed, and received written public comments during the course of these summer meetings. Public comments were taken as each topic section was reviewed. The call for final comments has now ended. 

Drafts for each section of Volume I were posted below ~2 weeks prior to the meeting.
Volume I - The Plan: