Alcoholic Beverage Licenses

Statewide, the sale of alcohol is regulated by Chapter 138 of the Massachusetts General Laws. Alcohol license applications need to be filled out by anyone who is looking to sell liquor in their establishment or change information on an existing liquor license. The Select Board is the local licensing authority and, in accordance with the statute, is authorized to issue the following types of licenses:

Section 12: On-Premises Licenses

This includes:

  • Restaurant Wine & Malt 
  • Restaurant All Alcohol  
  • Innholder
  • Club

Section 15: Off-Premises Licenses

This includes:

  • Package Store Wine & Malt 
  • Package Store All Alcohol 


As of June 2023, the liquor license availability in Lexington is as follows: 

License Type
Annual Fee
Number Remaining in Quota
Section 12 — Wine & Malt
Section 12 — All Alcohol
Section 15 — Wine & Malt
Section 15 — All Alcohol


Contact the Select Board Office regarding current availability.