South Lexington Transportation Study

Path by a Road

View the Technical Memoranda that were developed for the South Lexington Transportation Study

Technical Memorandum 1 (PDF) - Documents existing transportation infrastructure and traffic conditions as well as future build-out assumptions based on detailed market analysis.

Technical Memorandum 2 (Section 1 (PDF)) (Section 2 (PDF)) - Identifies a 10-year horizon traffic projection pertaining to infill of existing approved developments with anticipated background growth. It also identifies and evaluates alternative transportation mitigation measures from a multi-modal usage perspective at several study area intersections.

Technical Memorandum 3 (PDF) - Follows up on the findings of Technical Memoranda 1 and 2 by documenting the public process for the Study and identifying recommendations to address South Lexington multi-modal circulation problem areas, based on input received and follow-up analysis.


In an effort to ensure that the transportation network in South Lexington effectively serves its commercial districts and surrounding residences into the future, the Town of Lexington, using mitigation funds acquired from local developers, hired the consulting firm of Fay Spofford and Thorndike to perform a transportation study. The study involved an operational analysis of all transportation modes within a designated study area (PDF).

The purpose of this effort was to identify how the study area's network would operate once the remaining recently permitted commercial projects were constructed / occupied and all currently planned roadway improvements had been implemented. Operational deficiencies and traffic safety issues in the network were identified as well as livability impacts in the area, and additional improvement options have been evaluated and recommended with public input.

A total of three public meetings were held with the business community and general public. Please view a copy of each presentation: