Field Permit Application Process

We have changed our field request process. Since we have recently switched our software, all of our field requests will be filed through our MyRec webpage!

MyRec Field Requests Process

  1. Create an account if you have not done so already. You can find a quick link to take you to create an account through our site.
    1. If you have any issues or questions, feel free to email us at 
  2. Once you have created your account, if you go to our main MyRec homepage, there will be a banner under our Lexington Recreation and Community Program symbol. There you will see a couple of tabs you can click on such as, "home, register, facilities, etc."
    1. Use the "Facilities" and it will take you to our "Reservation Requests".
  3. Choose the facility you would like to reserve from the "Locations" drop down. Pick specific type of field "Softball", "Soccer", "Baseball", etc. and all of our fields associated with the playing field will pop out. Then you can pick the specific field. Ex: Center 2, Harrington Soccer, Diamond Baseball", etc.
  4. Then select the month in the calendar for the dates you are requesting
  5. If this is a request that recurs over multiple weeks, please set the "start date" and "end date", plug in the start and end times and then select the day(s) of the week the request would recur. After all of that is set, you will submit and it will take you to the next page.
  6. On the next page, you will have to double check your dates, field and time, as well as your contact information.
  7. If you will be requesting space on multiple sites, you will have to go through the procedure from step 2 on for each site.
  8. Once your request is submitted, we have a special email created to field all of those requests. Peter Coleman and Hayato Tsurumaki will both be receiving those emails in case one of us is out of the office and a field is needed right away.
  9. Once your request is received, you will receive an email to confirm we have received it. Once the information has been reviewed, we will notify you if your request has been approved or denied.

All requests must include:

  • a roster
  • a Certificate of Insurance for at least $1 million with the Town of Lexington listed as a secondary insurer
  • a CORI Letter stating any volunteers have been independently background checked through my organization