About Our Artificial Turf

Artificial TurfTwo concerns have been raised about synthetic turf:

  1. That it contains lead
  2. That it is associated with increased rates of cancer in soccer players

Our Artificial Turf Does Not Contain Lead

Two independent testing laboratories have sampled our Lincoln Field synthetic turf and found that lead was "Non - Detectable (ND)", i.e., there was no lead present in the samples. In addition, the manufacturer stated that lead was not used in the manufacturing process of this synthetic fiber material.

Read the information from the Department of Community Development

The Mass. Department of Public Health (MDPH) Has Researched the Cancer Issue

The MDPH states that "the scientific literature continues to suggest that exposure opportunities to artificial turf fields are not generally expected to result in health effects."

Read the MDPH Document (PDF)

Read a Statement From the Synthetic Turf Council (PDF)