Sustainability & Resilience

Resilient Lexington Logo-transparentLexington is committed to being a sustainable and resilient community for all.

We strive to: 

  • reduce greenhouse gas emissions,
  • create cleaner indoor and outdoor environments, and
  • ensure all members of our community have access to the tools they need to be resilient in a changing climate. 

Explore the side panels to learn more about the many sustainability initiatives in Town.

What's New?

Fossil Fuel Free Bylaw

Lexington has been accepted into Massachusetts Fossil Fuel Free Building Demonstration Program, which allows the town to prohibit the use of fossil fuels in new construction and major renovations. The bylaw goes into effect on March 21, 2024.

Specialized Stretch Code

The Opt-in Specialized Stretch Code, which incentivizes new construction to be net-zero emissions, went into effect in Lexington on January 1, 2024.

Resilient Lexington

The Town completed a Climate Action and Resilience Plan that will serve as a strategic plan to achieve a more sustainable future. Learn more.  

Curbside Composting Pilot

The Town of Lexington has launched a curbside composting pilot program. The program provides 2,000 Lexington households with free curbside pickup of food waste and other compostable items at no cost. Learn more.

Lexington HeatSmart

Learn more about the Town program to help you install clean heating and cooling technology with confidence.

Navigating Inflation Reduction Act Savings

Learn how you can take advantage of the new federal rebates and tax credits for home energy upgrades, renewable energy, and electric vehicles. Learn more.