Capital Projects

Fiscal Year 2023 Capital Requests

Center Recreation Hard Court Reconstruction - Gallagher Tennis & Farias Basketball Courts

This project will include the construction of post tension court surfaces for basketball and tennis/pickleball at the Center Recreation Complex. In addition to new courts, the project will provide new fencing, athletic equipment, storage shed, shelter, site amenities (park and player benches, receptacles, etc.), tennis practice backboards, and signage.

The kick-off community meeting for this project was held on February 9th and the second community meeting took place on March 2nd. An update will be provided to the Recreation Committee at its March 16th meeting and the project will be presented and voted on at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting this spring.

Center Recreation Complex Bathrooms & Maintenance Building Renovation

This project is one that will support the improvements to the Center Recreation Complex and overall Park system. Access to safe, clean and accessible restrooms is an important amenity at a Community Park, such as Center. This facility has not had significant renovations or upgrades in many years, while the use and demand for public restrooms increase. The Feasibility Study for this project was presented during the Recreation Committee meeting on Wednesday, July 7 at 7pm.

The request for construction funding will be included in the  Fiscal Year 202023 capital budget and will be presented and voted on at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting. The Community is invited to share feedback as the next phase towards renovation is planned. For more information, please call 781-698-4800 or email Recreation Department.

Fiscal Year 2023 Active Projects

Kinneens Playground Replacement

The scope for the playground replacement at Kinneens Park, located at the intersection of Burlington Street and Grove Street, will include the replacement of the existing playground, swing set, and safety surfacing, and other site amenities such as signage, park benches, and a bike rack. Additionally, poured-in-place (PIP) safety surfacing would be installed at specific locations, which would greatly enhance accessibility to those play elements.

The kick-off community meeting for this project was held on Wednesday, February 2nd.

Lexington Community Center Sidewalk ProjectFiscal Year 2022 Active Projects

Community Center Sidewalk

The 2021 Annual Town Meeting appropriated $110,000 of Community Preservation Funds for the Recreation Committee's request for the Community Center Sidewalk and patio. This area currently has a walkway made of bluestone material that is cracked, uneven, and not accessible. When the building was purchased and renovated for opening in July 2015, the walkway was identified as a future project that would need to be addressed.

The total project will include the replacement of the existing sidewalk and patio outside of the Mansion, the stone dust path along the raised garden beds, and a small area at the main entrance to the Center. Additionally, installation of an outdoor fitness pad will be installed in the rear of the building. The improvements will create a safe and accessible walkway that will connect the main and rear entrances of the building.

The project is scheduled to mobilize on Monday, April 25, 2022 and weather permitting, is anticipated to be completed within 2 to 3 weeks.

Rindge Playground ImprovementsRindge Playground Replacement & ADA Improvements

The scope for the playground replacement and ADA improvements at Rindge Park, located on South Rindge Avenue, will include the replacement of the existing playground and swing set and the creation of accessible routes that leads from the playground to the basketball court as well as from the playground to the walking trail next to the Arlington Reservoir.

There have been three Community Meetings. The first was held on Wednesday, October 27th, 2021 and provided people with the opportunity to learn more about the project and to provide input, feedback, and suggestions. A review of the proposed playground designs took place during the second Community Meeting on Wednesday, December 8th, 2021. The third and final community meeting was held on Wednesday, January 12th, 2022 to review the modified playground designs. The recommendation for the playground design was presented to and voted on by the Recreation Committee on Wednesday, January 19th, 2022. Based on feedback received from the neighborhood, a modified design was presented to and voted on by the Recreation Committee on Wednesday, February 16th, 2022.

The playground replacement has been completed and a ribbon cutting ceremony took place on Thursday, June 2nd.

View the May 2022 Rindge Slideshow.

Pine Meadows Improvements - Drainage on the 1st and 2nd Fairways

The contractor that will be working on the design and engineering phase of the drainage improvement project for the 1st and 2nd fairways at Pine Meadows has been selected and it is anticipated that this work will be completed by Spring 2022. The design and engineering work will ensure that the department has an accurate cost estimate for the construction phase, which is scheduled to be implemented in Fiscal Year 2025.

Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP) Update

In partnership with the Conservation Department, Lexington is updating its 2015 Open Space and Recreation Plan (OSRP). Help plan the future of Lexington's Open Spaces and Recreation Areas. As we embark on the Update, we invite you to join the planning process, share your thoughts, and check the webpage for project updates. 

Fiscal Year 2021 Active Projects

Athletic Fields Feasibility Study

This project is to complete a feasibility study of the Town-owned athletic fields. This study will determine the feasibility of expanding the capacity of Town-owned athletic fields and other recreation facilities by determining which fields/facilities could be improved upon. A total of 20 Town-owned properties are included in the study and improvements that will be taken into consideration include (but are not limited to) converting natural grass athletic fields to synthetic turf, installing athletic lighting system at existing fields or reorienting existing fields that would allow for increased play without compromising the quality of the field conditions and a prioritization of the proposed improvements would be included. The feasibility study will serve as a living document and resource for the Recreation Committee and be incorporated into future capital plans.

  • July 8: Project Mobilizes with Weston and Sampson as the lead consultant.
  • August 9: Site Walks completed at the 20 facilities
  • September 20:
    • Stakeholder Meeting takes place with the Lexington Sports Council representing organizations that actively permitted users of the athletic fields. Each stakeholder will be providing data by October 1, 2021 to be included in the study data.
    • Work on the site analysis portion continues and anticipate wrapping those up next week.
    • The GIS department has converted available GIS into AutoCAD for each of the sites.
    • The capacity analysis has been completed based on current available fields and how they are utilized today.
    • The demand portion will be completed once the additional data requested from the Stakeholders is received. The data represented will be during pre-covid conditions. We review the data from Fall to Summer of the following year so it will align with demographic data from school enrollment projections.
  • September 29: Project Update
  • October 5: Community Engagement
    • The Recreation and Community Programs Department hosted a community meeting on Tuesday, October 5th to discuss the athletic fields in the Lexington. This was an opportunity for residents to share their feedback on the existing Lexington athletic fields use, and provide input for future considerations. This feedback is important as the feasibility study recommendations and key findings are developed.
    • For anyone who was unable to attend, you can share additional feedback by emailing the Recreation and Community Programs Department.

Valley Tennis Courts Resurfacing Project

The Valley Tennis Courts, located on Valley Road, have been resurfaced. The project included the resurfacing, painting, and restriping of the courts for tennis and pickleball as well as the installation of new equipment (tennis posts and nets). The court resurfacing was completed in Summer 2021. The ADA upgrades at the site have yet to be completed.

Sutherland Playground ImprovementsSutherland Playground Replacement & ADA Improvements

The scope for this project at Sutherland Park, located at the end of Sutherland Road, includes a replacement of the playground, the creation of an accessible route to the dugouts at the Little League field, and an accessible path will be extended from the existing asphalt path to the water fountain near the entrance of the park. The sandbox has been removed and will not be replaced as a part of this project. The playground was replaced in Spring 2021 and the ADA improvements were completed in Summer 2021.

The 2021 Special Town Meeting appropriated $75,000 of Community Preservation Funds to purchase and install additional play elements for children ages 5 to 12 at the park. A community meeting was held on Wednesday, December 1st. The equipment options were reviewed by the playground design company and feedback and input were received from those in attendance.

The ages 5 to 12 equipment and the wood fiber safety surfacing has been installed and is now available for use. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held on Wednesday, April 27th at 6 pm.