Weekly Police Log

Cruiser on the GreenThe Lexington Police Department is dedicated to building trust and legitimacy with the community through transparency. In an effort to share as much information with the public as we legally can, and make it as easily accessible as possible, each week's Police Log is available. The log will be updated each Monday.

Please note that not every incident the Lexington Police Department responds to is represented on the public log. Massachusetts General Law Chapter 41 section 98F strictly prohibits the release of certain information including, sexual assaults, acts of domestic violence, juvenile information and other pertinent privacy information.

The log has seven columns:

  • Call Number, which represents the case number assigned to the incident
  • Reported Date, which is the date of the incident
  • CAD CFS, CAD stands for our Computer Aided Dispatch system and CFS, Call for service code which indicates the type of incident
  • Common Name, represents a business name or specifically named location
  • Unit Number is the sector cruiser that responded to the incident
  • Officer(s) is the badge number of the officer who responded to the incident.

Latest Police Log

See logs from prior weeks.

To learn more about a specific incident, you can file a public records request in person at the Police Station, by calling the Police Records Clerk at 781-863-9302, or by filing a public record request online.