About the Department of Public Works

Committed to serving our community

Group photo of the staff of the public works department with mascot

Description of Services

The Department of Public Works (DPW) has 7 major divisions:

The core values of the Department of Public Works are public safety, affordability, and open space. Public safety is a primary concern of the Public Works Department through many of its individual tasks:

  • Highways, Equipment and Drains staff members maintain the streets, sidewalks, and storm drain systems.
  • Water/Sewer staff provides quality drinking water, water for fire protection and the proper discharge of sewage.
  • Engineering staff members oversee street resurfacing, water and sewer system renewal and expansion.
  • Public Grounds staff members eliminate hazardous tree and vegetative growth and maintain safe playgrounds, recreation paths and public areas.

A variety of efforts are being made to increase affordability:

  • Reducing sewer infiltration and inflow, and installing an automated meter reading program, to help manage water/sewer charges (water and sewer operations have been operated as separate enterprise funds since fiscal year 1988).
  • Generating new revenues through an accelerated composting program.
  • Decreasing future repair costs by preventative maintenance to infrastructure, equipment and vehicles.
  • Consideration of aggregating energy customers to reduce residents' and the Town's energy costs.

The quality of Lexington's open space is enhanced by the Public Grounds Division's maintenance and care of public lands that are under the jurisdiction of Public Works, Conservation, and the School Department:

  • Recreation playing fields, swimming facilities, and the golf course
  • Conservation lands and trails
  • Historic parks
  • Bike paths
  • Street trees