Police Department Organization

Police Department Divisions

  • Officer showing police car to residents at the Library's Touch a Truck DayAdministration
  • Patrol and Enforcement
  • Traffic Bureau
  • Investigations
  • Dispatch
  • Animal Control
  • Crossing Guards

Administration Division

  • The Chief and 2 Captains, who oversee administrative and operational functions including:
    • Budget
    • Planning
    • Training
    • Personnel administration
    • Public affairs
    • Policy development
  • 5 Lieutenants, who each lead a workgroup consisting of patrol officers, dispatchers and a Sergeant providing 24/7 policing services
  • 1 Office Manager and 1 Clerk who handle records management, accounting and payroll
  • 2 Cadets who provide administrative support
  • 1 Mechanic who purchases, equips and maintains the vehicle fleet and other specialized equipment.

Patrol & Enforcement Divisions

Responsible for a variety of critical front-line services 24/7 including intervening in emergencies, promoting traffic safety and suppressing crime.

  • 7 sergeants
  • 29 patrol officers

Police Standing near a parked Police CarTraffic Bureau

This reflects the Town's decision to consolidate all parking components at the Police Department. A Traffic Bureau supervisor oversees the Parking Enforcement Officer (PEO), one account clerk and eight parking lot attendants.

Meter and parking enforcement is done by the PEO who, through the enforcement of parking regulations, is responsible for ensuring that parking spaces are turned over on a regular basis and that roadways are not obstructed.

Investigations Division

Supervised by a Detective Lieutenant, assisted by the Sergeant Prosecutor, and five other detectives responsible for investigative and prevention:

  • 2 Major Case Detectives
  • 1 Community Resource Detective
  • 1 Family Services Detective
  • 1 Narcotics / Vice Investigator
  • 1 School Resource Officer

Dispatch Division

Responsible for directing the proper resources to over 14,419 service calls (in FY13) that require a police, fire or medical unit response; answering 11,457 911 calls and over 34,600 telephone calls.

Animal Control Division

Working in collaboration with Conservation and the Health Department, the Animal Control Officer (ACO) is responsible for regulations governing the ownership, health and wellbeing of animals in the community, including 2,300 dogs.

School Crossing Guard Program

Covering 14 school crossings during the school year.