Pay for Parking with PayByPhone

The Town of Lexington is working with PayByPhone to offer cashless parking payment in some of the Town's parking lots. It works via their mobile app, on or by calling 888-680-7275  

The PayByPhone app is a completely cashless solution. It reminds you when your parking session is about to expire, and even lets you extend your parking time from anywhere! PayByPhone is convenient, easy and secure.

PayByPhone Parking Lots

PayByPhone is used in certain Town-owned lots in Lexington Center.

The following lots will allow PayByPhone payments, as well as coins and credit cards:

  • Waltham Street Lot, accessible from Waltham Street and Muzzey Street (see map)
  • Edison Way Lot, accessible by Edison Way, to the left
  • Nstar Lot (accessible by Edison Way, to the right)
  • Depot Lot (behind Depot Square) will exclusively have PayByPhone, with no coin or credit card options. Employee Parking Program participants can also park in this lot with a program sticker.

Currently, all metered street parking is still by coin and/or credit card.

Paying By Phone

If you are parking in a PayByPhone lot, you can:

  • Pay with the PayByPhone app. Available at the Apple App Store and Google Play for Android
  • Go online to, and pay on their website
  • Call 888-680-7275 to pay over the phone. Paying over the phone is easy, and automated. For the first time paying over the phone, you will need your lot number, license plate number, and credit card information.

Senior Parking Program

This does not impact the senior parking program. Residents ages 65 and older can apply for this program.

Map of Lexington Center

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Pay for Parking with the PayByPhone App