About Our Police Department

In the Fiscal Year 2018, the Police Department responded to over 8,000 complaints and calls for service, including over 500 crimes, 900 motor vehicle crashes and 1,000 residential and commercial alarms.

Department Organization

The Lexington Police Department comprises 7 divisions:

  • Administration
  • Patrol and Enforcement
  • Traffic Bureau
  • Investigations
  • Dispatch
  • Animal Control
  • Crossing Guards

Sworn officers include the Chief, 2 Captains, 5 Lieutenants, 7 Sergeants, 5 Detectives and 29 Patrol Officers.

Police Department Policies & Procedures

The complete Policy and Procedure manual, updated in 2020.

View the #8CantWait "crosswalk" (PDF) to see how LPD policies align with the #8CantWait initiative.

Other Police Department Activities & Memberships

North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council

The department is a member of the North Eastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (NEMLEC). NEMLEC is a consortium of 54 municipal police and sheriff agencies that enhances public safety services in its member communities. NEMLEC's mission is to:

  • increase member agencies' ability to respond to incidents
  • enhance performance, skills and abilities of agency personnel
  • share knowledge, resources and personnel
  • deliver specialized services to support member agencies while maintaining local control

Lexington Police Honor Guard

The Honor Guard comprises 7 members, all sworn officers of the Lexington Police Department. They participate in a variety of events including funerals, parades and presenting the colors at sporting events.

Find out more about the Honor Guard.