Volunteer for a Board / Committee

The volunteer boards and committees in Lexington are vital to the running of our town. They provide a rich source of knowledge and expertise, expand the town's ability to research issues and best practices, and enhance the communication between residents and town staff and elected officials.

We're always looking for volunteers, both to put on our list of potential volunteers for future vacancies, as well as to fill vacancies as they occur. Most committee members are appointed for a term, which usually lasts between 1 and 3 years. Ad hoc committees have a specific goal and disband after that goal is reached.

Most committees are appointed by the Select Board, while others are appointed by the Town Manager or the Town Moderator.

  1. Information About Town Boards/Committees

On each committee page there is information on the makeup of the committee, requirements for members, and the committee's "charge" - that is, the purpose of the group.

View the complete list of boards/committees with links to each board/committee page.

  1. Criteria for Appointment
  1. How to Apply