Highways, Equipment & Drains

Our Services

The Highway Division provides for the safety and maintenance of all public streets and sidewalks.

The Highway staff maintains 284 lane miles of road, over 250 streets and traffic signals, 400,000 feet of street lines, 10,300 traffic and street signs, and 25,000 feet of crosswalks. The Highway Division completes the following tasks:

  • Patching roadways
  • Repairing potholes
  • Roadway sweeping
  • Plowing and sanding the roadways during ice or snow storms
  • Sanding and plowing streets
  • Maintaining 60 miles of sidewalk
  • Installing new sidewalks and handicap ramps
  • Repairing parking meter posts and traffic signs
  • Fabrication and installation of street signs
  • Overseeing contracts for the maintenance of electronic traffic signals
  • Painting of street lines and crosswalks
  • Maintenance of drain system and brooks including 4,500 catch basins
  • Repairing mail boxes that become damaged during snow operations

Our Policies

Spring Repairs

The Highway Department will start repairing potholes on the main streets and then work into sub-main streets and then residential streets. For dangerous potholes, please notify DPW immediately at 781-274-8300. After-hours, please leave a detailed message stating exactly where the pothole is located, and someone from the Department of Public Works will check the site during working hours as soon as possible. Once the roads are repaired, the crew will then start working on lawn damage and asphalt berm repairs (that occurred) during the winter season.


It is the Town Highway Department's policy to replace mailboxes that have been damaged by the Town during snowplowing operations with a standard rural mailbox and wood post. Replacement of mailboxes is done as a courtesy; due to budgeting restrictions, only the standard replacement can be provided.

Catch Basins

Please remember when walking your pet that all waste should be picked up and disposed of properly. Anything that is placed in a catch basin, including dog waste or other hazardous materials, will drain directly to the wetland areas and streams. This will directly affect the wildlife, vegetation, and — potentially — drinking water.

It is the responsibility of the resident to maintain the catch basin in front of their property to allow water from storm events to drain. There are 4,500 catch basins in town. If you notice damage to a catch basin, please notify DPW immediately.

Street Sweeping

Street-sweeping starts in the spring after the threat of freezing has ended. The Town Sweepers will start with the main streets then work into sub-main streets and then the residential streets.

Snow & Ice

See our Snow and Ice page for more information on how we manage winter storms. To report plowing or sanding issues during a snow and ice event, please call our DPW emergency number at 781-862-1618. Once the storm is over, please contact DPW at 781-274-8300, ext. 1 Monday through Friday during normal business hours.