Sidewalk Requests

Requesting the construction of a new sidewalk is a lengthy process that typically takes several years and requires input from numerous Town boards and committees. Depending on the eventual scale and scope of a request, it may also involve securing funding from Town Meeting. The sidewalk request process provides an outline of the steps that should be followed when a resident, or group of residents, are interested in the creation of a new sidewalk. Information is posted on this page.

For additional information please email Sheila Page, Assistant Planning Director.

Sidewalk Requests - Current Status

  • Lincoln Street - survey complete, Construction funding approved
  • Westminster Avenue - survey complete, Construction funding approved
  • Mass Avenue (128 to Crosby) - survey pending
  • Burlington/North - application in progress
  • Peacock Farm - application pending

Cedar Street

  • Revised Concept Plans: December 2, 2021
  • Survey Complete: Cedar Street Existing Conditions Survey (PDF)
  • Public Meeting: September 1, 2021 at 7:30 pm.
  • September 1 Public Meeting Presentation (PDF)
  • September 1 Public Meeting Recording
  • TSG Recommendation to the Select Board (PDF)
  • Cedar Street Conceptual Sketch:
    • The blue lines represent the potential sidewalk location based on a 5' sidewalk set at the edge of the current roadway (no grass strip between the roadway and sidewalk). The red lines represent property lines. View the Conceptual Plan (PDF).
      Please note: At this time, sidewalk is being considered on one side only. The decision on which side of the street the sidewalk is located is based on a study of potential impacts conducted during the design process. This presentation is in concept only showing how a sidewalk could fit. Having the sidewalk alternate sides of the street will be reviewed, however roadway crossings are seen as detrimental to the overall project.

Sidewalks Complete

Hill Street - Construction Completed 2021:

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