Maps & Record Plans

View the Lexington Street Map (PDF).

Simple Interactive GIS Map showing Road Inventory (Ownership)  Includes a search bar!

Road Inventory Map: Shows Private, Public, and State Layouts (PDF) Note: The Town does not pave or improve roads not owned by the Town. On this map only the Accepted Roads are owned and maintained by the Town. Ownership does not negate services offered to residents on these roads. Town wide services are available Town wide except in specific circumstances. Please contact DPW if you have any questions about a particular service on an unaccepted road. Please see this page or contact the Planning Department if you have any questions about the street acceptance process.

Moratorium Road Map (PDF) shows roads paved within the last 6 years

Record Plans Including Utility and Accepted Streets (via online record portal): Plans are organized into folders for type of plan. Accepted street plans and county layouts contain plans arranged alphabetically by street. Lotting, subdivision, and utility plans are in folders by file number. Each of these folders has a key map which contains the file numbers mapped out. Open that first to determine which file number correspond to the area you need.

View the Flood Map of Lexington (FEMA) (3/07) (PDF).

Assessors' Maps  Information may be verified with the Assessors' Office for accuracy.

The Town of Lexington Interactive GIS

Plans are also available at 201 Bedford Street and can be viewed for free or copied for a fee.