More About the Project

The Project is Focused On

  • Improving pedestrian safety
  • Accommodating bicycle traffic
  • Making sidewalks and crosswalks more accessible and safer for people with disabilities
  • Renewal of mid century modern landscape

Highlights of the Project Include

  • Roadway Resurfacing
  • New Roadway and Pedestrian Lighting
  • Tree Replacements
  • a Modular Suspended Pavement System and an Irrigation System to Enhance Tree Growth and Health
  • Sidewalks Replacement Which Will Be Fully Ada Compliant
  • New Bike Racks
  • New Seating Areas Throughout the Project
  • Additional Bump-Outs for Added Pedestrian Safety

The Resident Engineer

The Resident Engineer (RE) is from an outside firm and is the hired inspector and our representative and liaison on site. They ;will be the best point of contact throughout the project, as they will be onsite full time and have the most up to date information for the work. They can also help to troubleshoot any specific concerns. They will be going door-to-door throughout the project to gather information and also provide updates and advance notice of construction in each specific phase.

Once we have begun working with the RE, additional contact information will be provided. The Engineering Division of the Department of Public Works is managing the project, and we can also be reached if you are unable to reach the RE or have specific concerns that you feel need to be brought to our attention.

Project Timeline

Construction is expected to take two years to complete, although the entire project area will not be under construction at once.

The contractor will work on specific areas, and get them to an acceptable stage before they move to other locations of the project. The areas and timing will be communicated once we have started working with the selected contractor, and throughout the project.

Project Background

The Center Streetscape Project has gone through several years of design development and public process which involved the Design Review Ad-hoc Committee, the Select Board and many other Town Boards and Committees.

In early 2013, the Town of Lexington hired the BETA Group, Inc. to perform a transportation data collection program and traffic modeling/simulation ;for the center streetscape design plan. The consultant has worked with Town staff and the working group to develop final design plans of the Massachusetts Avenue corridor within the project limits.

Center Attributes

  • Population of approximately 60,000 within a three mile radius
  • Dozens of street trees, benches, lamp posts, flower barrels and bike racks
  • Location of the Commonwealth's first parklet
  • Steps away from the Historic Battle Green
  • Civic heart with Cary Memorial Library and Town Offices complex
  • Transportation hub with connections to MBTA, Lexpress, REV Shuttle and Minuteman Bikeway