Center Streetscape

Center Streetscape Project Render

Project is Complete! 

Punchlist items including the repaving and line striping have been completed. (July 2023) Warranty work is monitored and any quality issues are addressed.

We are extremely excited to announce that the Center Streetscape project is complete and has finished on-schedule! We want to acknowledge and thank our business owners and residents for their continued patience and positivity during the design and construction process. We look forward to watching how this transformation will continue to shape our community!

Our consultant captured some excellent drone footage of the project in its entirety, documenting the conclusion of more than a decade's-worth of work. See the video below of the aerial video footage our consultant took at the end of the project!

A substantial undertaking bringing accessibility, usability, and enhanced aesthetics to our town, this project marks a new chapter for Lexington. With many stakeholders and contributors to thank, we would like to take an opportunity to appreciate all who supported this great project including:

  • BETA Group, Inc - Designer 
  • I.W. Harding - Contractor 
  • Environmental Partners Group, LLC - Construction Project Manager 

We also want to thank the many Town departments who contributed to the successful completion of this project, including the Engineering Division, the Department of Public Works, and Town leadership.

The Project in a Nutshell

The Center Streetscape Project includes streets and sidewalks along Massachusetts Avenue from Clarke Street (next to the Library), to near the Police Station Driveway (see map at right).

Reconstruction of the Woburn Street/Massachusetts Avenue intersection is not a part of this project.

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Center Streetscape Project Map

Video Updates