Battle Green Streetscape Project

Current Construction Update - September 22, 2023

Final preparations for the roundabout installation is taking place! In a short couple of weeks, the intersection of Bedford St, Hancock St, and Harrington Rd will transform from its current state to a functioning roundabout. Construction of all components of the roundabout will take the remainder of the construction season. However during much of its construction the layout of the future roundabout will be replicated with traffic barrels, cones, signs, etc, which will help maintain traffic flow as efficiently and safely as possible around our contractor’s relatively small work areas.


While each of these smaller work areas are set up, various Traffic Management Plans (TMPs) will be implemented while different lanes, islands, and shoulders are being constructed. We will post all of the TMP phases to the website in the next couple of weeks prior to their use, and will include the expected set ups for the upcoming week in the weekly email updates going forward.

For next week, curbing and sidewalk prep will also begin on the north side of Harrington Rd in front of the Masonic Lodge building at 3 Bedford St and continue on the south side of Harrington Rd.


Other work next week will include sidewalk prep at the Belfry.


Preparation for paving operations will begin throughout the job as well. Currently, road reclamation and binder paving is scheduled around the Bedford/Hancock/Harrington intersection the week of October 2nd. (paving work is very weather dependent and subject to change). Soon after is when we expect to switch over to the functioning roundabout. Later in the season, milling and final paving will also take place on Mass Ave and Harrington Rd where work is substantially complete.

Project Overview

The Battle Green Streetscape Project, in some respects, is an extension of the Center Streetscape Project currently under construction. The project limits fall just beyond the following three intersections around the Battle Green:

  • Bedford St. at Mass. Ave
  • Mass. Ave at Harrington St
  • Bedford St at Hancock St and Harrington Rd

Project OverviewProject Goals

The goals of the project include pedestrian and bicycle safety, vehicular safety, and improved connectivity and accessibility.

More About the Project

The project includes sidewalk improvements within the Battle Green, and sidewalk improvements along Mass. Avenue, Harrington Road, and Bedford Street including addition of a roundabout at the intersection of Bedford Street / Harrington Road / Hancock Street. This design feature is important to address the high accident rate at this location.

Additional improvements include, but are not limited to the three intersections, which will have geometry changes for:

  • increased safety
  • improved lighting
  • shortened and safer crosswalks
  • revised car and bus parking
  • landscaping enhancements while maintaining the character of the area
  • roadway resurfacing and pavement markings.

Addition of a Roundabout

Numerous intersection design options in the area of the Battle Green have been looked at over the years. The approved design includes a roundabout at the intersection of Bedford Street / Harrington Road / Hancock Street.

You may wonder if a roundabout is the same as a rotary. The simple answer is that it is not! In fact a roundabout is much different than a rotary. A roundabout is much smaller in diameter than a rotary, and drivers must yield to enter.

A roundabout operates at slower speeds (typically around 20MPH). The reason that they travel at slower speeds is that vehicles are 'deflected' as they enter. This deflection results in a natural slowing of vehicle speeds.

Crashes in a roundabout are less severe than a traditional intersection. This is in part due to the direction of the crashes which tend to be more angular.

Visualization aids for proposed roundabout:

Final Design

Plans of the final design PDF


The intent is to have construction completed in advance of the 2025 celebration of the 250th anniversary of the Battle of Lexington. To meet this deadline, Town staff requested and received construction funding at the 2022 Annual Town Meeting. The project has a scheduled bid opening of March 9th, 2023. Once the contract is awarded, construction can begin in the spring of calendar year 2023 allowing the anticipated  project completion to be ahead of the 2025 celebration.

Presentation to the Select Board

Town staff and consultant BETA Group, Inc. presented to the Select Board in December 2021 and February 2022:


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