Invasive Species Management

How the Town Manages Invasives

Invasive plants on Lexington public land are cooperatively managed by the Conservation Division and Department of Public Works.

An advisory group, The Lexington Invasive Plant Task Force, helps establish management priorities. This group includes members of:

  • Lexington Conservation Stewards
  • Citizens for Lexington Conservation
  • Tree Committee
  • Field and Garden Club
    with input from Conservation and DPW staff.

To learn more about the Town of Lexington's invasive management plan, read our Principles and Policies for Management of Lexington Conservation Land.

Check out some of our invasive plant projects:

Managing Invasives on Your Own Property

To avoid spreading invasive plants, do not:

  • add them to your compost pile
  • put them out with your curbside yard waste

Resources for Managing Invasive Species

Oriental Bittersweet removal instruction