2024 EverSource Pruning Notice

Eversource_energy_rgb_color_logo2024 Eversource Energy Vegetation Management Plan

Tree Pruning of Electric Circuits: 3401, 3402, 3404, 3406, 3408, 3409, 320-H2, 320-H4

The following Vegetation Management Plan is being submitted by Eversource Energy in compliance with Chapter 87 Section 14 of the Massachusetts General Law. As Tree Warden of Lexington, Pursuant to M.G.L. 87-14, you are responsible to approve, modify or deny this request. This notification letter will serve as our pruning permit unless Eversource is notified otherwise.

In order to improve electric service reliability and safety for our customers and employees, Eversource Energy will be performing vegetation maintenance within the Town of Lexington on electric circuits listed above. Established trees will be pruned using industry standard techniques designed to preserve health and structural integrity while obtaining the necessary clearance for a high factor of safety and reliability. The long-term goal of pruning is to direct future tree growth away from electric conductors. Eversource Arborists will closely monitor contractors performing this work to ensure compliance with accepted utility arboricultural standards. These standards have been incorporated into the Eversource Specification for Local Distribution Line Clearance Tree Work and Brush Control.

The overarching principle of our pruning specifications is to maintain a high degree of safety and service reliability over the course of our 4-year pruning cycle. We aim for clearance of 10 feet below and to the sides of the primary conductors and 15 feet above. Fast growing volunteer trees and brush developing directly under our conductors, cannot be trained away from wires and should be cut to the ground. To ensure reliability at critical locations on a circuit, I may prescribe additional pruning to eliminate or reduce overhang of trees with high probability of limb failure. See ANSI A-300 tree maintenance standards for underlying pruning principles and best management practices. Established trees over 4 inches in diameter that cannot be effectively pruned away from conductors and continue to constitute a threat, may be targeted for removal. These removal requests will be included in a separate filing with the town.

Line clearance contractors are obligated to adhere to the Eversource Specifications described within this notification and the included packet. The line clearance contractor performing this work will be identified prior to the start of the project at your request. The name and contact information of the local supervisor will be provided. We attempt to notify all residents living on the affected circuits by mail in advance of any scheduled work. Scheduled circuits may include designated Scenic Roads. 

Matthew Mitchell
Eversource Energy
ISA Certified Arborist NE-7421A
Work Phone: 617-448-7465

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