Land Stewardship

stewardship_handbook_photo-294x388 Opens in new windowThe Lexington Conservation Office manages over 1,400 acres of town-owned Conservation land by engaging a diverse group of volunteer Stewards, neighbors, consultants and community groups.

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Conservation Stewards

The Lexington Conservation Stewards is a group of over 230 volunteers who work closely with the Conservation Division to care for the town's conservation land.

The Stewards continually improve the quality of Lexington's stewardship conservation land through efforts such as:

  • Building bridges and trails
  • Controlling invasive species
  • Cleaning up waterways
  • Hosting conservation events

Stewardship Digging up Some Area A smaller group, the Lead Stewards, meets monthly to coordinate stewardship activities.

Have an idea for a Scout project or other stewardship project?

Contact the Conservation Coordinator by our contact form or by phone: 781-698-4505.

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