2023 Veterans Day Essays

We are excited to share the student essays from this year's Veterans Day event (PDF). We enjoyed reading them!

Table of Contents

  • Remembering the Humanity of Veterans, by Jihan Bhuiyan
  • The Bell Tolls for Thee, by Madeleine Chang
  • The Cultural Effects of Military Conscription, by Alma Dagan
  • Before Going Overseas, by Eliza Epstein
  • Life Is Luck, by Samuel Famiglietti
  • Not a Bad Day Since, by Elissa Fan
  • The Importance of Support Structures, by Samantha Fortier
  • A Lifetime of Service, by Eesha Gangal & Kaavya Moogala
  • Forgotten, by Saisha Gupta
  • An Unconventional Hero, by James Joseph
  • The Bright Light of Hope, by Saleem Karachi
  • A Veteran's Valor: An Undying Love to Serve, by Nuriya Khwaja
  • Ongoing, Never Forgotten, by Scott Kim
  • The Unsung Heroes of the Armed Forces, byYul Kim
  • A Tribute to My Uncle, byMeena Krishna Kumar
  • The Luckiest Guy in the World, byAva Mahoney
  • Replicating Admiration, by Esther Man
  • In the Steps of Our Heroes, by Sudhiti Marri
  • Leon Key's Lessons, by Tara Pai & Nikki Prasad
  • The Less Known Theater of WWII: China, India and Burma, by Kiki Reddy
  • The War That Started a Family, by Sophie Schenk
  • The Good and the Bad of Being a Veteran, by Julia Tanin
  • Taking Flight, byJames Wang ∓ Nolan An
  • The Volunteers from America, by Justin Xu
  • Veterans and Humane Leadership, by William Zhang