Legal Postings, Actions, and Votes

1Reports of Town Boards, Officers and Committees

Appropriation Committee ReportNovember 7, 2023AdoptedUnan. Vv

Capital Expenditures ReportNovember 7, 2023AdoptedUnan. Vv

School Building Committee ReportNovember 7, 2023ApprovedUnan. Vv

Planning Board Report (Article 11)November 8, 2023AdoptedUnan. Vv

Planning Board Report (Article 12) November 7, 2023AdoptedUnan. Vv
2Appropriate for Prior Years’ Unpaid BillsNovember 7, 2023Adopted170-0-1
3Establish, Amend, Dissolve and Appropriate to and from Specified Stabilization FundsNovember 7, 2023Adopted170-0-2
4Amend FY2024 Operating, Enterprise and CPA BudgetsNovember 7, 2023Adopted166-0-1
5 Appropriate for Authorized Capital ImprovementsNovember 7, 2023Adopted164-1-2
6Appropriate Opioid SettlementNovember 7, 2023Adopted169-0-3
7Appropriate Housing Resale and Rental Monitoring FeesNovember 7, 2023Adopted166-1-2 
(one vote added for voice vote)
8Appropriate for Speed Hump Pilot ProgramNovember 8, 2023Fails84-73-6
 (required 2/3 to pass)
9Authorize Home Rule Petition f or Special Legislation — Establishing the Election of Town Offices Using Ranked Choice Voting (Citizens’ Petition)November 8, 2023Adopted115-49-7
10Hayden EasementNovember 8, 2023Adopted157-0-2
11Amend Zoning Bylaw – Associate Planning Board MemberNovember 8, 2023Adopted (2/3)123-20-11
12Amend Zoning By-Law – 2013-2027 Massachusetts Avenue (Owner Petition)November 7, 2023Adopted (2/3)


  • (2/3) = Adopted by more than the necessary 2/3rds
  • (4/5) = Adopted by more than the necessary 4/5ths
  • CA = Consent Agenda
  • Vv. = Voice vote
  • Unan. Vv = Unanimous voice vote
  • NOR = Notice of Reconsideration