Achieving Net Zero Emissions by 2050 will be a team effort.


LexElectrify is a community-wide campaign to empower homeowners, renters, and businesses to eliminate greenhouse gas emissions from the building and transportation sectors. Achieving this goal will require electrifying existing systems to eliminate the use of fossil fuels, while simultaneously transitioning to renewable energy to ensure these systems are powered by electricity sourced from 100% renewable energy.

Why Focus on Buildings & Transportation?

In Lexington, 73% of our greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings, and 24% come from transportation. Tackling building and transportation emissions is the biggest opportunity for community members to make an impact in pursuit of our climate goals, all while improving health, comfort, and efficiency. 

Lexington's Greenhouse Gas Emissions (2019)

GHG icon graph_Final

Take Action

The five key actions listed below will have an enormous impact on the climate. They also deliver real savings, as well as health and comfort benefits. The Make a Plan checklist can help you make a decarbonization plan (有中文版本).

Increase the Impact of Electrification with Clean Electricity

Lexington’s Community Choice Program is the Town electricity aggregation program. It uses bulk purchasing power to provide cleaner electricity and long-term, stable electricity supply costs to Lexington's residents and businesses. Electricity account holders in Lexington are automatically enrolled in the 100% Green option but can choose to opt up to the New England Green option that sources all electricity from renewable energy projects in New England. You can leave the program at any time with no fee or penalty. The Community Choice Program website and brochure have the full details about your options, pricing, and more.

Community choice power options

Please note: Eversource is still the company you call for service or power outages, and they are still the company that will bill you for your electricity use. Also, because Eversource's prices change and future prices are not known, future savings compared with Eversource's prices cannot be guaranteed.