Bikeway Safety Signs

New safety and courtesy signs are being installed along the Minuteman Bikeway, the result of a collaborative effort between the Town, the Bicycle Advisory Committee, and the Friends of Lexington Bikeways.

Designed by Lexington graphic artist Maureen Meyer, a significant focus of this project was to remind users to signal audibly when passing, to pass only when safe to do so, and to give ample space to those being passed.

The signs aim to remind bikeway users of other important safety and courtesy practices, as well, such as walking pets in ways that pose less risk to others; moving off the path when stopped; being mindful of less abled users; and keeping children safe who may be inexperienced riders— as well as ensuring the safety of other users walking and riding nearby.

The key themes of the new signs are:

  • Pass only when safe to do so and give an audible signal
  • Slow down when around other bikeway users
  • Prioritize the safety of other users
  • Keep to the right side when walking or riding
  • Be mindful and considerate toward other bikeway users

One of the new signs, a yellow caution sign, addresses speed on the bike path. It reads “15 MPH,” though it is not a “speed limit.” Betty Gau, Chair of the Bicycle Advisory Committee, explains that her committee believes a message about speed — including that of the ever-increasing number of e-assist vehicles — “sets an expectation of courtesy and speed awareness.” She hopes this sign — as well as others — reminds bicyclists to keep their speed down when around other users and to be thoughtful about passing.

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