Apply for a new license

To apply for a new license:

  1. Contact the Select Board Office regarding the availability of liquor licenses in Lexington and to see if any other Select Board licenses would also be required (i.e. common victualler or entertainment).  If needed, other required applications should be submitted as the same time as the liquor license application.
  2. Photo of bottles of alcohol behind a bar (Photo by EVG Kowalievska)Present concept plans to Health and Building Departments to review any land use or health regulations or requirements.
  3. Review Select Board Liquor License Regulations applicable to Restaurants, Package Stores, and/or Clubs.
  4.  Fill out the form via the ABCC website for a new retail license or transfer retail application on-line print and sign as necessary and submit to the Select Board Office along with all other required supporting documents. Include a copy of your payment receipt with your application showing online payment of $200 ABCC/Commonwealth of Massachusetts fee. 

    Please note application must be typed; ABCC will not accept handwritten applications.

    In addition to the ABCC application package, please provide the following requirements to the Select Board Office:

    1. Application Fee: check made payable to the Town of Lexington in the amount of $100.
    2. Workers' Compensation Insurance Affidavit and copy of Workers' Compensation Policy.
    3. Copy of current Alcohol Awareness Training Card - All Managers and Assistant Managers must provide the Board with proof of successful completion of an accredited alcoholic beverage server-training program, such as Training for Intervention Procedures by Servers (TIPS). Certification must have been within the last three years.  
    4. Completed Lexington CORI Request Form. Each Manager and Assistant Manager(s) must come to the Select Board Office in person and bring a form of government issued photographic identification such as a driver’s license. This is in addition to the ABCC requirement of a notarized CORI form.
  5. Annual License fee, payable to the Town of Lexington, shall be paid prior to the issuance of the license (and each year thereafter prior to issuance of a renewed license):
    • Restaurant All Alcohol: $3,500
    • Restaurant Wine and Malt Only: $2,500
    • Package Store All Alcohol: $2,000
    • Package Store Wine and Malt: $2,000
    • Club All Alcohol: $400
  6. When a complete application package is received by the Select Board Office:
    1. A hearing date before the Select Board will be decided and legal notice published in the local newspaper.  A copy of the legal notice will be provided to the applicant to use to notify the abutters.
    2. Applicant must provide a copy of “Affidavit of Notice of Mailing to Abutters” and the registered/returned receipts bearing signatures of persons receiving said notice in advance of the hearing.
  7. If the Select Board approves the application at the hearing, it will be then forwarded onto the ABCC for their review/approval.