Senior Tax Deferral Program

For residents age 65+

The senior property tax deferral program, known as Clause 41A, allows people 65 or over to defer their property taxes until their home is sold or conveyed.

The Clause 41A program is a tax deferral, not a tax exemption. When your house is sold or inherited, the taxes and interest will have to be paid, or your surviving spouse will have to enter into a new Clause 41A agreement. You may want to seek legal advice and discuss this program with your heirs. See the Tax Deferral and Recovery Agreement (PDF) you must sign in order to receive a Clause 41A tax deferral. It contains specific information about your legal obligations.

To apply for a Clause 41A tax deferral:

  • Read the Instructions for Clause 41A - Property Tax Deferral (PDF)
  • Fill out the Clause 41A Application (PDF) for online and print it, or pick up the application form from the Assessor's Office in the Town Office Building
  • Gather the required documentation

You must file the application by April 1. The deadline is state-mandated and cannot be extended. 

How to File:

  • Bring the application and documentation to the Lexington Assessor's Office, where they will make copies of all the documentation at no charge
  • Mail the application and copies of the documentation to:
    Town of Lexington
    Board of Assessors
    1625 Massachusetts Avenue
    Lexington, MA 02420

There are also several tax exemption programs available that you may qualify for. To determine what programs you're eligible for, read the brochure of all Lexington tax relief programs