Public Works Day

Collage of photos from Public Works Day: stacks of hard hats, sandbox, children in security vests

23NPWW_FB_1200x630In honor of National Public Works Week, we invite you to bring your family to

Lexington Public Works Day

Thursday, May 25
10 AM - 2 PM
Samuel Hadley Public Services Building
201 Bedford Street

Learn more about the broad range of activities your Public Works Department is responsible for, and the equipment we use to serve the community.

Activities include:

  • viewing and sitting in equipment
  • operating a surveyor’s transit
  • using a metal detector
  • exploring the growth cycle of trees
  • learning to compost in your backyard
  • seeing how groundwater flows

Our popcorn machine will be running, and we'll have other snacks, water, and juice.

Aerial photo of residents exploring public works vehicles