New WestView Cemetery

Westview Cemetery

New Policies for Westview Cemetery

  • Social distancing of cemetery staff to funeral staff and funeral attendees and public
  • Funeral Director must inform the cemetery staff beforehand if the deceased died from Covid-19
  • Funeral Director must bring four people to carry the casket
  • All other policies for the Westview Cemetery will continue to be in effect

Rates / Fees

Cemetery rates and service fees are approved by the Select Board. View the Rates and Service Fees (PDF).

Green Burial

The Town of Lexington offers Green Burials at Westview Cemetery. Find out more about our green burials.

Flowers & Flags

See our suggestions and regulations on placing flowers and flags.

Cemetery Regulations

Please see the Westview Cemetery Rules and Regulations Booklet (PDF). Please contact the Superintendent of Public Grounds with any questions.

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