Building Energy Use Disclosure


In 2022, Town Meeting passed a bylaw that established a policy for reporting, disclosing, and assessing the energy and water use of large buildings in town. The bylaw is referred to as BEU-D. Lexington is the first town in Massachusetts to implement such a policy, following the lead set by Boston and Cambridge and other major cities around the country. Its goal is to increase energy and water use transparency and to find opportunities to increase energy efficiency to ultimately reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Under the bylaw, buildings owned or leased by the Town and residential or commercial properties with one or more building over 25,000 square feet are required to report their annual energy use, electricity supplier's energy labels, and water usage. Each year, the Town will post a public annual report with the data. 

Reporting Guidance

All information about reporting requirements can be found at the BEU-D Helpdesk. Please direct questions to or submit at ticket through the Helpdesk. The Town hosted a virtual reporting training on April 26, 2023 for the 2022 calendar year reporting cycle.

Data & Annual Reports

View the data using this interactive map

Please note: All data is self-reported by building owners or property managers. The Town's data collection system flags potential data errors and staff works with reporters to correct them. Data errors are still possible. If you notice something you believe to be an error, please email and all efforts will be made to address the error.

Energy Efficiency Resources

Are you a property owner looking to improve the energy efficiency of your property? Find information about programs and incentives for commercial and industrial buildings that will help you take the next step.