Climate Action & Resilience Plan

Resilient Lexington

Resilient Lexington Logo-transparentLexington’s Climate Action and Resilience Plan ("Resilient Lexington") builds upon a solid foundation of climate leadership and complements ongoing efforts to create a sustainable future. We are not starting from scratch! Our community has a tradition of taking action and we are a regional leader in sustainability. Resilient Lexington builds upon these ongoing efforts.

With a bold vision for a resilient community at its core, Lexington will continue to lead the way with Resilient Lexington as its guide. 

The Plan

High Impact Actions

The Plan includes a wide range of detailed actions that were informed by a public survey and the Working Group. Many of the actions in the Plan fall under categories that have been identified as especially high impact given their ability to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Learn more about four of the high impact action areas that are included in the Plan. Each of the fact sheets linked below explain the action, show its greenhouse gas emission reduction potential, and has steps you can take to support the effort.

Planning Timeline

To create the plan, the Town completed a series of community assessments, data analyses, and stakeholder and community engagement activities.timeline

Our Emissions

Greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions are produced when we use fossil fuels to heat our buildings and power our vehicles and when we burn waste in an incinerator. Taking bold action in these areas will be essential to minimizing our community’s contribution to climate change. The chart below shows the source of Lexington's greenhouse gas emissions in 2019, which was the baseline year chosen for the plan's analysis.


Focus Areas

The Plan focuses on key, high-impact actions in five focus areas: Buildings & Energy, Community Resilience, Natural Resources, Transportation & Mobility, and Waste.


A Solid Foundation of Success


Meeting the Climate Challenges Ahead

As climate change threatens our environment, health, infrastructure, and economy, Lexington is designing solutions to ensure our town thrives in the future. From transforming our energy and transportation systems to protecting our health and natural environment, our Climate Action and Resilience Plan will help ensure that everyone in our community is resilient to the impacts of climate change.