Safe Watch

old person walkingWhat is Safe Watch?

This voluntary program helps safeguard people in our community who suffer from a condition which might cause them to wander.

We gather pertinent and recent information on the person, so that if they go missing, we are prepared to immediately begin an informed search. It enables us to deploy resources constructively with the best chance of returning the individual to their safe environment as quickly as possible. It also gives us specific information about the person to safely and properly communicate and manage our interaction with them.

The Safe Watch Program is an enhancement of the Police Department's previous At-Risk Program. We've broadened the scope to include all people who might tend to wander, including those who suffer from:

  • Alzheimer’s Disease or other types of dementia
  • Autism
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Other Developmental/Physical Disabilities

How Do I Enroll Someone In The Safe Watch Program?

Fill out and submit the online Safe Watch Enrollment Form

For those who more more assistance, appointments or home visits can be arranged.

For more information or questions about this program, please contact Detective Chris Ducharme at 781-862-1212 ext 39262 or via email to

This is strictly a voluntary program and parents/caregivers who choose to have a loved one enrolled into this program can give as much or as little personal information as they choose. The more information we have, to include a current photograph, the better response in the event of an incident.

All information provided will only be utilized for official police business, and only authorized police employees will have access to this information.

The Lexington Police Department is committed to the safety of our residents and is looking forward to your participation in the Safe Watch Program which will help us better serve the community.