Required Certifications

Certified Food Protection Manager

Since October 1, 2001, the Massachusetts Food Establishment Regulation, 105 CMR 5903(A)(2) has required food establishments to have at least one person-in-charge (PIC) who is a certified food protection manager. This person must be at least eighteen years of age and be a full-time equivalent on-site manager or supervisor. When the certified PIC is unavailable during operating hours, an alternate PIC must be assigned. The alternate PIC does not require certification; however, this person must be knowledgeable in food safety, foodborne illness prevention, and corrective actions.

Choke Saver Certification

Choke Saver Programs

105 CMR 5909(E) requires that all food service establishments of twenty-five (25) seats or more must have a person certified in choke saving on premises when food is being served. Pursuant to M.G.L. c. 94, section 305D, each food service establishment having a seating capacity of 25 persons or more shall:

  1. Have on its premises, while food is being served, an employee trained in manual procedures approved by the Department to remove food lodged in a person's throat.
  2. Make adequate provisions for insurance to cover employees trained in rendering such assistance.

Choke Saver Trainers

American Heart Association
CPR Phone: 887-242-4277
American Heart Association Website

Red Cross Boston
Phone: 617-375-0700
Red Cross Boston Website

Allergy Awareness Certification


The Act Relative to Food Allergy Awareness in Restaurants (FAAA) was signed into law by Governor Patrick in January 2009. The purpose of the act is to minimize risk of illness and death due to accidental ingestion of food allergens by increasing restaurant industry and consumer awareness of regulations and best practices with respect to major food allergens.