Farmers' Market

A Farmers’ Market is public market or market place located in a city or town that operates or occurs more than once per year for the primary purpose for Massachusetts farmers, from more than one farm, to vend food, crops and other farm related items that they have produced.

While not all vendors at a Farmers’ market require a permit per 150 CMR 590.010 (D), the Town of Lexington’s Health Department DOES REQUIRE THAT ALL VENDORS OBTAIN A FARMERS' MARKET PERMIT. The Town of Lexington’s Health Departments requests a permit per vendor so they are aware of what items are being brought to the market.

Please review the Farmers’ Market Vendor updates before applying.

  • The requirements for a Farmers’ Market Vendor permit are:
    1. Completed farmers’ market permit application
      • Within the application, please list any items that will be sold.
    2. Copy of Food Handler Manager certificate (ServSafe)
    3. Copy of Allergen Awareness certificate (Allergen Awareness)
    4. Copy of valid food permit from Town facility is based in
    5. Copy of most recent inspection report
  • An inspection will be conducted the first day of the market or the first day of attendance for the vendor.

The above are guidelines and do not replace 105 CMR 590 and the FDA Food Code 2013.